Tristar Overseas has established itself as a processor of world-class basmati rice. The premium brand of basmati from the company is adored by all and consumed by those who value taste and expect nothing but the best. The company offers various grades of royal basmati rice and sella basmati rice to suit different budgets and tastes.

Royal Malai Basmati Rice
Call it the 8th wonder of the world or the Jacob Diamond from the Nizam’s collection, Tristar Malai Basmati Rice is traditional basmati is sourced entirely from Punjab near the Himalayan Belt. With an average length of 7.25mm, it elongates to over double the length of cooking. With a perfect separation and aroma, it will leave a lingering taste in the mouth for quite a long period.

Khushbu Basmati Rice
As the name suggests, the aroma of TRISTAR Khushbu Basmati Rice fills the room once it is cooked and served at the dining table. A blend of Taraori basmati is sourced from the belt of Haryana., it is one of the best rice available in this price range.

Manpasand Basmati Rice
DTristar Manpasand Basmati Rice is everybody’s delight. A perfect blend of basmati 1, Taraori basmati and desi basmati has made it affordable without disturbing the inherent qualities of traditional basmati rice.

Sadabahar Basmati Rice
A fast-moving item, it is the real value for money. It is a blend of basmati 1 and desi basmati, where the latter is basmati originating from Dehradun, entirely grown now in the foothills of Himalaya. The elongation of the same is almost 2 ½ times on cooking and gives the perfect taste and aroma.

Special Sella Basmati Rice
Biryani rice eater’s delight, Tristar Special Sella Basmati Rice is a blend of Taraori and basmati 1 rice parboiled at the paddy stage with the processing of steaming and drying. When cooked for biryani or pulao, each grain separates out, thus making rice-eating a memorable experience.

Pearl Basmati Rice
Each grain is treated to make Tristar Pearl Parmal Rice silky. It is the perfect match for people who eat only non-basmati rice. With less than 2% brokens, it is like the beads in a plate

Punjabi Sella Basmati Rice
True Punjabi indeed, Each grain is treated to make Tristar Punjabi Parmal Sella Rice. It is the perfect match for people who eat only non-basmati rice. With less than 5% broken, it is like the beads on a plate. Favorite Choice of Middle East & Africa