In the year 1975, Late Shri Lala Kanta Prasad Ji, a man with the vision, started a small Rice factory with a capacity of just half a tonne per hour. From those humble beginnings grew a vision that has today translated worth enterprise, turning out a wide range of rice varieties to suit the diverse needs of its customers around the globe.

Today Tristar Overseas, whose “Blue Label, 3 Children & Lal Haveli” Basmati Rice Brands have wide acceptance – is self-contained, a fully equipped unit within sufficient milling/processing unit for producing the best quality of Aromatic Rice.

Believing in the motto that the customer has a proven right to demand the finest product, our endeavor over the last three decades of glorious effort has always been towards creating and providing the best. Perhaps it is this product excellence and perfectionist approach, which has enabled us to build and maintain a longstanding and strong relationship with our customers.

A highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals form a formidable back-up at Tristar Overseas to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services in precision to the discerning buyer. All operations are constantly monitored and managed by this finely honed and experienced group, which ensures that the Company retains and excels further in building up its reputation.

Tristar Oversea’s growth has been rapid and steady and after successfully establishing several popular brands in the domestic market, the administrative board decided to introduce Basmati Rice to the International market. In 1995, with a view to stepping up sales in the export market another completely automatic and computerized Mill was set up with a capacity to produce over 60 PMT per day.

Our mill is located In Haryana at the very heart of the fertile central plain where the finest Basmati Rice is grown

Rice milling is operated with high technology machines that are almost fully automatic, then the milled rice is stored in hygienic warehouses with a STORAGE CAPACITY of 100000 PMT, Perhaps biggest in the whole Delhi region

Our continuous technology upgrading enables us to be a leader in cost-competitive and high-quality rice production

The whole production process is in strict conformity with international standards, and constant research and development of all products. We are confident that our products and services will satisfy the highest standards.

Since its founding, we remained committed to realizing “A MORE NURTURING ENVIRONMENT FOR HUMANITY AND EARTH”

It has built up a worldwide reputation for the quality of its BASMATI RICE exports to major markets in Asia, Middle East & Africa; Our Company produces many kinds of packed rice to meet the diversity of customer’s need. Our products have distributed to all department stores, discount stores, and also agent retailers within the country.

With almost 30 years of experience in rice business and a commitment to providing the best services, we can ensure that our customers will receive consistently high-quality products at a reasonable price. Since the paddy selection process until the end of the production line, our team has supervised in every stage to make sure that products from our company are clean and correct specifications as required.

The global rice trade is very complex. Especially regarding the difference between standard and quality rice. This has prompted TRISTAR OVERSEAS to make constant improvements and to move consistently into the quality sector.

The Company’s achievement in the face of such strong competition rests on the four pillars of QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, HONESTY AND PROMPT SERVICE. The same consistent performance and trustworthy service.

What can you expect when buying from TRISTAR OVERSEAS

  • High set international quality standards
  • Strict quality control in all production steps
  • Year-round reliable supply
  • Customized, individual packaging
  • Competitive pricing
  • Understanding each customer’s specific needs
  • Products directly from over a thousand contracted farmers